I have found THE HIDDEN RECORDS that can save the world from a pending war and hardship that is unfolding right now. This quest has reached a point that requires urgent publishing and publicity for its survival.

By definition it is a 'publishing' project and is in line with the parameters of the GoFundMe initiative, but in terms of content, it holds seven keys to the greatest truths to save humanity.

The power to share this lost truth is just as important as the actual funding itself! So even if on a tight budget, you too can make a difference by simply sharing and spreading the word. Please either share or GoFundMe

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I am Wayne Herschel, an author come truth seeker and just another ordinary but active soul determined to help mitigate the current world crisis. Some will know me from my facebook activity involving the history of this lost 'Map of Heaven' that I show here defining the place of human origins using age-old hand symbols. Ever wondered where the name 'bull's eye' for centre of a target originated? It is the direction to follow from Orion's Belt. Mouse over the image to see the origin of the Cross of the Churches.



We face a humaniterian crisis in which at least half the world's population is already having to endure dire suffering and is in desperate need of a better way forward.

I have found the source of humanity's most valuable ancient records and lost truths that have been hidden for millennia ref .

Before I continue, I would firstly like to make a pledge that these revived truths must never ever be forced upon any soul. It is far more sacred for a truth seeker to find them spontaneously and let the magic of the content work in its own way! Throughout time, many have feared that enforced religious dogma will be part of either a New World Order or false prophet agenda. This is neither a religion, nor cult or hidden agenda. It is simply a collection of simple revived truths. Truths that will no doubt inspire anyone coming across them.

The world is in crisis and very few are aware. How many realise how close we are to nuclear midnight? ref How many have ever studied the grassroots cause for the escalating crisis? The actual cause goes right back to the beginning of civilisation. The world needs to identify the cause and unite to shut down modern-day manifestations of it.

Due to its magnitude, the important story behind this campaign has necessitated a detailed explanation. Many have already said that The Hidden Records is the most important quest to uplift humanity that anyone will ever witness.

A humanitarian endeavour to end all discrimination, be it in terms of religion, race, tradition or sex and perhaps even prevent a terrible war that is escalating! The human origin truths reveal that ALL races are equal and sacred!



On the outset of my quest, it never occurred to me that the revived truth would be forbidden in this modern day and age. I learned very quickly that the secrets that can literally save humanity are not in the best interests of the group known as the 1%.

My work was under attack from the moment I had a television broadcaster launch some of the key parameters in an investigative documentary in 2003. What followed began with my book trading being blocked, exacerbated by the repeated sabotage of stock worldwide. I have had to rescue tons of books more than 3 times, then move them again and pay to store them too.

Malicious activity more recently in this journey has necessitated being on the move all the time, going from city to city as each living address is compromised. When one's car gets smashed up in a communal surveillance monitored garage and insurance agents deem it a 'write off', and the footage is missing then it is time to move again.

Next came smear campaigns, they came in hard and fast. I have reached a point in time now where the risk of doing public events, the cost of travel and depleting removal costs have literally brought the quest to a halt.

To find out more about this campaign, which is bound to have a life-altering effect on anyone choosing to become involved, read on here for why this quest is so important. Also see the video YOUTUBE GOFUNDME LINK ref for a greater in-depth overview that will allow you to assess the quest personally. I will be revealing the source of the lost truths here with free view content online for you to evaluate first-hand.



After years' of research, perhaps with some divine guidance, I now find myself in the overwhelming situation of being able to pinpoint the 7 truths that I believe can change the world.

My collection of findings covers the beginnings and end times of humanity. It includes evidence in my latest book (see image above) on the Alpha and Omega ancient star gate devices found around the world. With dialed up addresses to 3 sun-stars in Taurus and more evidence that can save the world.

From the links below, you will be able to evaluate and measure free online (unless removed) the evidence of each of the 7 truths that can save our world.

1) Ancient star maps prove human origins 'angelic' & equal (list follows)

2) The Tree of Life creates all souls, life, matter, time and space ref

3) 7 Churches split up pieces of the encoded 'Map of Heaven' ref

4) The first colonisation on Earth proving Atlantis ref

5) The alien 3 mile-wide message of arrival at Atlantis ref

6) Alpha Omega Taurus ancient star gate proof of devices ref

7) An intellectual way to measure good and evil, each in just 12 words



Since publishing my first book, The Hidden Records in 2003, even large portions of my ongoing research material that I make available free view online have faced unexpected removal protocols. The aforesaid book either continues to be removed or becomes invisible when bookstores search for it on their internal enquiry systems. Its credibility is sadly slipping away into chaos as big-sponsored media manipulators now begin to make their last onslaught to plagiarize parts of it while twisting its sacred meaning into chaos. Many of my findings have been around for more than 25 years now. They all expose knowledge that had been hidden a long time ago by historical monarchy systems worldwide. The reason why they hid this knowledge was because the truth it held would never have allowed their kingdoms to flourish with the barbaric 'old ways'.

The fact that it is still deemed forbidden knowledge today has led to considerable interference ongoing. Much of my work also contains strong similarities with the prophecies of the biblical Book of Revelation. To avoid even more interference and for safety's sake, I have chosen to present it over the years in a less-serious-looking New Age style, until now.

If the masses are able to learn about these 7 truths in some sort of miraculous way, either created by worldwide funding or a cosmic intervention event. or both, the 99% would stand a chance to avert human enslavement and work towards world peace.



Here is a shocking new insight: Anyone who does not know the secrets of his or her real physical and spiritual origins, is vulnerable to suggestive hypnotic mind control manipulation.

They spam us in all media with suggestive mind control content dominated by excessive crime, violence, race and tradition differences ref .

News, with elite-favoured propaganda content constantly flashing very short bright clips, influence your belief without you even realising that it is happening! A soul that does not know who it is, is a soul easily manipulated. It is time to lift the veil and awaken the masses.

What could cause the cost of living globally to sky-rocket as it is doing and why is it so much harder to find security, love and happiness in this day and age? When will humanity change to a resource-shared economy and when will an end to billionaire profiteering finally come about? It is becoming increasingly clear that a humane way forward is the only way forward. But for this to transpire, a mission to awake humanity is desperately needed! You as a light warrior can be part of such a peaceful mission. I believe that we are not alone and that ultimately such action will be inspired by a cosmic miracle, which I am convinced is likely and near.

I firmly believe that the 7 truths need to be made freely accessible online, since real truthers do not put a price on sacred revived teachings. Over the years, books and DVDs on these 7 truths ref have been an imperative part of the journey to generate funds and protect the meaning and secure copyright. The books and DVDs obviously only accessible to those fortunate to be able to afford them. For greater affordability, I even targeted low prices simply to be able to keep my quest alive. I have also avoided the monetisation of my website and youtube with adverts because the adverts are destructive and distracting.



The Book of Revelation speaks of the appearance in the future of a cosmic messenger, as seen above, holding 7 stars and with what I decode as a 'sun star halo'.

A being thought to be Christ returning or one with the 'Christos' title not of this Earth delivers the truth that can save the world. It is an event, which the message encoded in the largest alien crop circle, claims will occur soon.

Many are aware of protest marches that have swept the world in waves. From the 'Arab Spring' in many Islamic nations (with Syria recently incurring the most extreme elite wrath and having practically been annihilated in the process) these demonstrations have swept through African, South American and Asian countries too, not to mention Europe and more recently Kiev and now France at bursting point.

Globally the cost of living is rising sharply, exacerbated by intense corruption, lies and scandals by the most destructive group of powerful world leaders ever seen in power, all at one time.

With all that is going on being exposed and unfolding at once, possibly simultaneously on a worldwide scale, this will inspire a newer more desperate human uprising on a level never seen before. It is currently unravelling right now, right before our very eyes.

It will still probably take a miracle though, to inspire a collective stand against what is happening and the changes that will transpire from such a stand. And as the prophecy in the Book of Revelation denotes, will need a cosmic messenger event. An event proving the star map precisely extracted from the texts shown above.



I firmly believe that such a cosmic messenger event is indeed the miracle that will ultimately intervene with this untenable situation the world finds itself in. There is a high probability of such an event occurring and it is about to happen right now according to an encoded message found in a three-mile wide crop circle (the largest-ever crop circle made on the planet)! ref

See the Atlantis videos ref to find out more about the message encoded in this alien 'art work' (that created 96 lakes) in southern Spain. By the way the Spanish elite say: Oh. we built these multi-million-cost lakes secretly (no records before they appeared) for. a 'sea-monkey' preservation project (also where a previous mining operation had a chemical spill). A scholarly scientific paper was quickly published, no doubt to claim it as a manmade new project in a cover up. Scholars in zooplankton science are already shaking their heads in disbelief questioning motives, design, efficiency and fund wasting. ref

Although I have set a high funding target, it is truly unknown how much the project really needs to keep the quest above water as the chaos increases. For now, even a few thousand dollars a month will keep all wheels turning. I have set a high target because of advice by analyst experts who believe that my discoveries need advertising and film-maker projects to get it to the next level. Time will tell what is possible! And potentially far sooner with your help!



Nearly 4 decades ago, I had a near-death experience with my pulse not measurable for nearly 20 minutes during a motorcycle accident. I'm certain that at the time I left my body as a soul and went down the proverbial tunnel to the Place of Light seen in the image above that has a biosphere around it to protect it.

The experience and the journey it inspired me to follow is documented on the Oneism website.

The driving force behind bringing forward this quest, was and still is a sense of responsibility to help save humanity in crisis. By reviving the 7 truths, but with a pledge that they will never be forced on anyone!

After being revived I recall falling back into my body from the state of spirit I had already entered into. I was a changed person. Over many years of altered-state meditation, I found a way to access the deep memories of the visit to what I believe was the Tree of Life. I would write down each revived memory, scan the libraries (pre-internet era) looking for evidence to prove each and every detail I had seen to find corroborating information for each clue I had seen in vision.

But out of all the revived memories, there are two things that stand out for their urgent need to be shared. When I stood before the Cosmic Tree of Light, ref the nucleus of the universe, I questioned something the light source seemed to hope I would question: I asked for a full understanding of human origins. The Light presented two answers: Who we are physically and who we are spiritually. It was like a massive high-speed download.

In the presence of the Light, I realised too that I already knew this place called 'Eden' very well. It felt like home and I had been here many times before. I asked the Light a second question: How are we as humanity doing? And a thousand voices replied:

"Better you experience how life is for all on Earth and remember this well because many before have been shown this and have failed to save the people. Every time 'your' religious fanatics on Earth insist that valuable teachers need to be sacrificed! Murdered! This ongoing extremist attack on sacred teachers is unacceptable. This is how they manipulate the masses. The Earth has been protected from meteor impact events for 10,000 years since the last cataclysm and loss of Atlantis because there was hope 'you' would recover with more humane ways to live. But you did not. If what you are about to experience gets worse, it will reach a point where this protection will end, and the Earth will be cleansed".

In an instant as a soul, I merged with the Tree of Life flow and became one with 'The One' ref .



It was time to feel what The Creation Tree of Life feels. The very emotional purest feeling filled with love, like being home, started to change as I thought about my question. I instantly felt how The Creation is connected to all life, especially in a strong way to human life on Earth. Then there was a rush of emotion, feeling the plight of billions of souls on Earth in trauma, suffering, pain and hunger. It was overwhelming.

I remember pledging my devotion to The Creation to be one that will bring the truth forward. To secure the lost truths to uplift and unite humanity, purely based and driven by a burning sense of responsibility.

The last words from the light were something like this:

"There might come a time when your cosmic brothers will appear and present their messenger to uphold and refer to these hidden records of 7 truths. There is a good chance they will intervene and help reveal what humanity must do to save itself - especially to change living to how life should be. Where life is nurtured as a gift, so ALL can live in peace and happiness in Oneism in a resource-shared trade system. But these truths must be well secured very close to the final moments. A time that you will be able to calculate from prophecy and a message left by your cosmic family and that you will be aware of, shortly before their arrival!"

This is where we are today. ref .

There are two ways this quest can go:
1) We raise substantial funds and greatness can be achieved
2) Project fails and then activates a last effort back-up plan.
The Book One project had the support of a group of wealthy enterprising investors, some of whom but not all of whom were essentially profit-inspired, who expected profit but lost a fortune from 16 years of disasters. The bulk of them insist that if the quest fails then the project falls into their management hands and from here the protocol changes to one exposing the interfering forces. These investors, many of whom I do not even know their names have claimed to have identified the attackers. What they would do from here forward, is something they will not discuss with me.

In my mind, if this is the scenario that unravels, the journey is no longer a sacred light journey and is not going to inspire near as many people if it is dealing with this negative approach. If I have a choice, my preferred way forward is to adhere to the most respectful way possible without writing about opposing people. But it can be avoided with your power, as a light warrior team IF WE ARE MANY!

You too can BE THE CHANGE that you wish for!

Please join my quest and GoFundMe

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Written by Kevin Smith 2001:
Wayne Herschel, author of 'The Hidden Records' from Cape Town South Africa, is under a hoax smear campaign and 'google bomb' attack (see below) has always had a passion for the unexplained and the mysterious.

By definition many have kindly said that Wayne stands today not just as rebel pioneer researcher in the field of Symbology but as a Pictographic Symbologist in every way shape and form of the title.

He has established a list of new findings as well - NEW SYMBOLS LIST .

He is not a scholar and therefore does not have to abide to the strict conditions of accepting what he is certain is a flawed study originally set by historical monarchy. An academic standard set where the symbols meanings are tailored to fit the world powers that be demands for other scholars to accept that we are alone in the universe.

There is a way to identify that the foundation of academia is flawed in symbology. Their claimed meanings of the most important symbols are either carelessly flawed or sabotaged intentionally by the elite powers that be.

Maybe this can be proved.

Ancient civilisations used well designed symbols right in the beginning to be easy to decode pictographically and so all could decipher meaning by using reasoning and logic.

The first big problem is early kingdoms did not want their people to learn that the symbols showed that all humanity on the planet are sacred and equal as this lost truth Herschel's revived findings seems to prove. The Elite can't build armies to murder rape pillage and plunder foreign countries for the crown... or should one say for the family of the crown.

So right from the beginning the symbols meanings needed to be lied about in books commoners have access to.

From here forward scholars had a condition not to oppose set claims made by their great published works accepted by the crown fit for public.

Through the ages this problem built upon itself under strict rules by kings of great kingdoms forcing others to use the public accepted false meanings of special symbols to encode and hide sacred forbidden truth from commoners.

This modern scholar protocol requirement is rife today and has completely damaged their own developed works based on a crippled foundation for further symbol decoding.

Wayne sets a new directive here to have the freedom therefore to adhere to the repeating emotional claims the ancients made with their early symbols enriched with star visitor ancestor claims and these basic symbols seen rather in context with their pictographic origin before it was tailored later by scholars into claims of readable texts. He does not believe the ancients all over the planet told the same lies about their star visitors... not for a second. It is time the university heads of the world wake up and smell the coffee and start from scratch in this important subject.

This perhaps identifies his work more along the lines as a rebel archaeoastronomer and alternative archaeology 'Pictographic Symbologist'.

Wayne has a very unusual history that turned into the direction of research and book writing.

In his childhood, a strange sighting of lights in the sky, which was later well publicised in local media, made an indelible impression on him. Like others before him who had been privileged to experience a paranormal event, he realised we cannot possibly be alone in the universe.

This would become a powerful new point of reference for him in reasoning and offering a new hypothesis on humankind's ancient historical heritage.

Many years later, in his early twenties, Wayne had another brush with the 'unexplained' in a motor cycle accident during a cross country event. He vividly recalls having had what is well documented as a so called 'near death experience'.

Wayne had lost his pulse rate completely and while a medic was administering cardiovascular resuscitation, he clearly remembers looking down at what was going on and existing as consciousness… outside his body! This completely changed his attitude to life. He had experienced first hand confirmation not only that the human soul exists, but that it seems to exist without physical life, and must therefore have a larger long term purpose. Wayne believes he returned to his body with a lot more than what he had left with. He had an experience he would later piece together identifying a journey back home to the place where all souls originate from. He believes he had an encounter with what ancient records call The Cosmic Tree of Life. (See Oneism link below).

Two extraordinary life experiences are the prime reason his research base would be different to that of scholars.

Wayne suddenly had an insatiable appetite on subjects like astronomy, the pyramids and ancient paranormal events… an obsession that would ultimately culminate in intensive and relentless research. With qualifications no greater than high school and an inquiring mind, he began to make a habit of visiting his local libraries and bookshops on a regular basis for anything he could lay his hands on that would explain his strange experience with his quest for 'the meaning of life'. Seven years of
exhaustive research had culminated in a huge file of photocopies, when suddenly one day quite unexpectedly a newly released book caught his eye in the book stores. It was Robert Bauval's The Orion Mystery. It was after reading this author's Giza/Orion's belt finding that Wayne's ideas became more focused, to the level where they became such an obsession that he eventually sat down to co-ordinate a manuscript of his own.  Wayne felt strongly compelled to look at a larger interpretation than that of Bauval's… an interpretation that would incorporate all the pyramids of Lower Egypt.

With his astronomy background he made his first major discovery that would set off a chain of linking new groundbreaking findings. Findings that would link the beginnings of human life on Earth not only from a another star system in the heavens but proving pyramid civilisations once also existed on Mars while it was the jewel of the solar system.

It was with the arrival of the new millennium that he met Birgitt Lederer in a serendipitous encounter that would bring the book project into fruition. The book "The Hidden Records" co-written by Birgitt Lederer became available internationally and found on Amazon by 2003. (See the book at The Hidden Records link at the bottom of the page). The videos directly below offer previews on Wayne's latest work in support of his theory and his spiritual quest.

A special feature article has been added here written by Wayne Herschel - July 2017:

Click the image below to read the article.

Video previews of it follow after the image:

UPDATE 2015:
Due to the sensitive revealed developments I have written about recently, I believe it is no longer secure for or me to continue being active on my own in public in The Hidden Records quest.

For over a decade I have tried to do what I do while living on a shoestring budget and continually experiencing all sorts of interference and losses. I just cannot manage to make ends meet on my own. As per my reasons outlined in the link , I now place all quest activity in the hands of 'The Oneism light warrior team' .

These are my main contributors researchers and donors thus far. Soon the group will grow including the smaller active social media members and donors who will also become active quest members ref. I need to take a long break, but I have been assured I will still have all my most important findings remain free view on my website.

Donations for the Quest that I will still manage, will still help me get back on my feet. But never before will the quest need public help like it does now. Please consider joining the quest with a donation if passionate about really making a difference helping urgent changes to help uplift humanity (See the bottom of all the hiddenrecords.com pages ref ).

The new and admittedly very controversial theories that 'The Hidden Records' Book 1 presents, have raised a few sensitive questions among its readers:
  • What is the author's research premise?

  • Does Wayne dismiss religious study or a spiritual foundation based on a single Creator of the Universe?
Wayne Herschel says his readers can rest assured: He has a very high regard for religious sensitivity but it is time to get to the truth. For Wayne, his quest for "the meaning of life" started shortly after two life altering experiences mentioned in his biography that left him with two vital research certainties:
  • That we cannot possibly be alone in the universe
  • That without any doubt there has to be a spiritual element to it.
Most of his research has been in the spiritual field over the last 17 years and it was here where he decided it was important to first release our physical human origins secret that made his first book possible. For all those of firm belief, please be aware that all the basic truth was once embedded in the beginnings of all our holy books but our very emotional ancestors perhaps felt it needed constant adjusting and further romantisizing as well as simplifying for people to believe in its fundamentals. Confusing technical detail was simplified using birds wings to teach of flight. The great clouds that came down from the heavens really had something inside of them that carried the 'angelic' beings who tried to teach us and guide us away from human abuse, greed and war. They were cosmic visitors of flesh and blood. Our ancestors were so emotional about the visits and they began to worship the visitors as 'gods'. This is where the visits began to cause more harm than good.

THE HIDDEN RECORDS book and Wayne personally have been under attack for over a decade by one of the most powerful secret institutions on the planet because of the deemed forbidden truth he has secured copyright in public domain.

How can one know what to believe if the web claims that Wayne is a hoax or his work is fiction? Here is a test on the validity of Wayne's claim to be reviving something that historical Monarchy and modern powers that be are trying to silence and cover up:


That answers is YES. Here is a link to the story: EXPOSING THE PSY-OPS ATTACK:

It is very important also for readers to know finer detail of Wayne's spiritual premise right away especially now that he has just launched the basis of all the spiritual material online at the link at the bottom of the page. All his future books head very convincingly along a path as mentioned below in point 1 to what is outlined in point 2 and 3 that follow. The findings completely changed his life so in all probability it is going to be of great value to others.

It was once probably very important for early religions to be retranslated time and time again for clarity and simplicity while conveying obedience and romanticism. Religion was the foundational of law systems throughout history so an element of fear of God was strongly adhered to by most.

Wayne adds…
  1. "Over the millennia many have strictly followed tradition and the intense ritual of worship without choice or question, often in communal temple gatherings while chanting repetition of formal verses. In many cases 'worship' occurs in its highest form prostrating oneself (bowing down) and including the prescribed element of fear."

  2. "However, there is an over whelming collection of ancient teaching and something forgotten that suggests that one might experience a stronger and direct connection to the ultimate Creator of the Universe through prayer in privacy and in a remote sacred place. One can express ones own communication through inner thought, giving thanks and asking for intuition and guidance rather than practicing repetitive verse. In place of fear and 'worship', more emphasis seems placed on feeling a private inner love, respect and honour for our Creator, especially the expression of gratitude in finding and working towards peace and happiness, constructive living and the gift of life itself."

  3. "The ultimate sacred temple appears to be the human body - there might be a piece of God within - one's spirit within shares a level of consciousness with the Creator - it is this connectivity that needs to be nurtured, nourished and more importantly strengthened to achieve wisdom - it is of absolute importance also to respect and honour all life and the element of the Creation dwelling in others."
In reference to point 3 from a research point of view: It clearly appears to be a terrible thing to do anything in disrespect of ones gift of life, or to do anything in disrespect of the life of others. The value of the element of prayer/mental communication with The Creator in meditation in privacy is important in strengthening the human spirit. We are inevitably, all 'one'.

'The Hidden Records' Book 1 presents a repeating cosmic pattern found in ancient monuments, depictions and texts of the earliest civilisations and explores its compelling meaning. The hypothesis presented is measurable and quite academic. In short documentary and media coverage so far scholars have avoided making an official comment on the star maps being a probable or improbable theory. It will not be too long now until one or two academics (that have had the references and images for over a year now) will make a general comment soon on the probability of the hidden Records new theories and interpretations.

Spiritual Pledge: Due to the highly researched and gentle academic tone adhered to in researching spirituality (outlined above) in the books that will follow, The hidden Records books contents are unlike many books in this genre that 'quick sell' paranormal theories and interpretation sometimes with little research, sometimes with the intention of forming group movements.

"I hope you enjoy the journey, and unlike many famous authors before me restricted by their publishers, I pledge also that I will make some of the most important new findings and updates free for all to preview on my three main websites. The hidden records explored here and those uncovered on my websites may not necessarily only be ascribed to two decades of intensive research and unexpected findings.



The Hidden Records

The Key of Solomon

Oneism - Tree of Life

Birgitt Lederer Book Translations and Publications